Many books, catalogues, and manauls have been published about and by Tamarind. Below are the books that we currently have in stock. Once you have identified a book you would like to purchase, please call, fax, or email with your order information. 


Tamarind Touchstones

Tamarind Touchstones : Fabulous at Fifty
Celebrating Excellence in Fine Art Lithography

By Tamarind Director Marjorie Devon
Hardcover, $55; Softcover, $29.95
Highlighting the eighty-one lithographs in the Tamarind Touchstones exhibition, reproduced in full color, this catalogue includes glimpses into the recent activities of Tamarind, the psyche of the professional printmaker, and the curatorial perspective that guided the selection for this National Endowment for the Arts funded traveling exhibition. Essays by Marjorie Devon, Faye Hirsch, and John Mulvany; and interview by Arif Khan with Bill Lagattuta.


Tamarind Techniques

Tamarind Techniques for Fine Art Lithography(2009)

By Marjorie Devon with Bill Lagattuta and Rodney Hamon
Hardcover, $85
Tamarind Techniques for Fine Art Lithography is a must-have for every lithographer, workshop, library and classroom. This full-color technical manual contains step-by-step directions for all processes used at Tamarind and guidance for establishing a print studio, safety and storage information on chemicals, and advice about maintaining quality, documenting editions, and caring for works of art on paper. A special slipcover edition with an original lithograph by Jim Dine also available. Call for more information.


Garo Z. Antreasian: Reflections on Life and Art  

Garo Z. Antreasian: Reflections on Life and Art (2016)

By Garo Z. Antreasian with an introduction by William Peterson
Softcover, $39.95
Garo Z. Antreasian (b. 1922) belongs to the great generation of innovators in mid-twentieth-century American art. While influenced by a variety of European artists in his early years, it was his involvement with Tamarind Lithography Workshop starting in 1960 that transformed his work. As Tamarind's founding technical director, he revolutionized the medium of lithography. He discovered how to manipulate the spontaneous possibilities of lithography in the manner of the Abstract Expressionist painters. In addition to reflecting on his work, he writes movingly about his Armenian heritage and its importance in his art, his teaching, and his love affair with all sorts of artistic media. Illustrating his drawings, paintings, and prints, this book reveals Antreasian as a major American artist.


 Tamarind: Forty Years

Tamarind: Forty Years

Edited by Tamarind Director Marjorie Devon
Hardcover, out of print; Softcover, $19.95
Published by The University of New Mexico Press in celebration of Tamarind's fortieth anniversary. Tamarind: Forty Years includes essays by Devon, David Acton, Clinton Adams, Pat Gilmour, and Susan Tallman that range from historical to contemporary topics; chronologies of exhibitions and outreach programs; lists of artists, printers, and curators who have worked at Tamarind. 206 pages; 200 illustrations, 100 in color.


 Photolithography Manual

Photolithography: A Manual (2002)

Spiral bound, $25
A fully-illustrated up-to-date manual on photolithography published in 2002 by Tamarind Institute. Includes step-by-step instructions for creating, preparing, and developing plates or stones. A glossary, supplier list, and troubleshooting section are also included. 29 Pages. This manual may not be returned.



 Aluminum Plate Lithography

Aluminum Plate Lithography: A Manual

Spiral bound, $25 
A fully-illustrated up-to-date manual on aluminum plate lithography published in 1999 by Tamarind Institute. Includes step-by-step instructions for preparing, processing, and printing plates, a glossary, and supplier list. This manual may not be returned.




Migrations: New Directions in Native American Art

Edited by Tamarind Director Marjorie Devon
Softcover, $24.95 
Native American artists featured in this book include: Steven Deo (Creek/Euchee), Tom Jones (Ho Chunk), Larry McNeil (Tlingit/Nisgaa), Ryan Lee Smith (Cherokee), Star Wallowing Bull (Chippewa/Arapaho), and Marie Watt (Seneca).


 Catalogue Raisonne: 1970-1979

Catalogue Raisonne: Tamarind Institute 1970-1979

Compiled by Rebecca Schnelker and Judith Booth; edited by R. Schnelker.
Softcover, $15
Documentation of the lithographs printed at Tamarind in Albuquerque through 1979. 1980; 80 pages, not illustrated.

How to Identify Prints

How to Identify Prints 

By Bamber Gascoigne
Softcover, $34.95
An excellent guide to printmaking techniques and their visual effects; includes helpful illustrations and an invaluable reference section. Thams and Hudson, 2004 (2nd edition). 216 pages, 275 illustrations, 40 in color.


 Mexico Nueve

Mexico Nueve 

Text by Gilbert W. Merkx, Clinton Adams, Jorge Alberto Manrique, and Lynne D. Allen.
Softcover, $16
A description of the collaboration between nine Mexican artists and Tamarind printers between 1984 and 1986.Text by Gilbert W. Merkx, Director, Latin American Institute; Clinton Adams, Director Emeritus, Tamarind Institute; Jorge Alberto Manrique, Director, Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City; and Lynne D. Allen, Master Printer, Tamarind Institute.  Tamarind Institute, 1987. 56 pages, 22 color and 11 black-and-white illustrations; bilingual interviews and text. 


 Nineteenth-Century Lithography in Europe

Nineteenth-Century Lithography in Europe

By Clinton Adams
Softcover, $12
A handbook offering a condensed history of nineteenth-century lithography. University of New Mexico Art Museum, 1998. 28 color and 40 black and white illustrations.

Tamarind: Homage to Lithography

Tamarind: Homage to Lithography

Preface by William S. Lieberman; introduction by Virigina Allen.
Hardcover, $20
TAMARIND: HOMAGE TO LITHOGRAPHY by Virginia Allen, published by The Museum of Modern Art, NY documents the nine-year history of the Tamarind Lithography Workshop in Los Angeles and provides an historical context for the revival of lithography in America during the 1960's. The book catalogs part of the promised gift to MOMA of the complete Kleiner, Bell and Company Collection of Tamarind Impressions on view at the Museum in 1969. Forty-six illustrations (8 in color) include prints produced at Tamarind Workshop by Josef Albers, Paul Brach, Jos6 Luis Cuevas, Sam Francis, Philip Guston, David Hockney, Allen Jones, Nicholas Krushenick, Louise Nevelson, Henry Pearson, Leon Polk Smith, Ed Ruscha, Esteban Vicente.


Monotype/Monoprint: History and Technique

Monotype/Monoprint: History and Techniques

By Kurt Wisneski
Softcover, $40
This book represents over a decade of research into these two methods of producing unique imagery. It places the contemporary scene in historical perspective, utilizing 41 black and white reproductions and 52 in full color. Many important artists are represented, including Rembrandt, Castiglione, Blake, Degas, Georg Baselitz, and Christopher Brown. Bullbrier Press, 1995. 168 pages. 


 Tamarind 25 Years: 1960-85


Tamarind 25 Years: 1960-1985

Introduction by Marjorie Devon, forewards by Clinton Adams and June Wayne, essay by Carter Ratcliff.
Softcover, $15
Exhibition catalogue. 97 p. 80 plates (16 color). Catalogue of 80 prints from the Tamarind Lithography Workshop in New Mexico, by eighty artists, with list of printers represented in the exhibition. 

Hot off the Press

Hot Off the Press: Prints and Politics

Edited by Linda P. Tyler and Barry Walker 
Softcover, $24.95 
The New Deal, with its WPA art projects, was a golden age for lithographic printmakers. In this collection are found a tribute to Gustave von Groschwitz, a central figure in the federal Graphic Arts Division of the WPA in New York; an essay on and checklist of the prints of Robert Gwathmey, active in the Philadelphia WPA project and concerned conditions of African-Americans in the South. Also included in this volume is an original print by Eric Avery. In addition, there are interviews with Eric Avery and Patrick Nagatani, both artists concerned with current social issues; an overview of the evolution of social awareness in nineteenth-century F rench prints; and articles by two Tamarind Master Printers on waterless lithography. Read more under Tamarind Papers


 Tamarind Suite Fifteen


Tamarind: Suite Fifteen

Text by Gustave von Groschwitz
Softcover, $15
A catalogue of the 1975 University of New Mexico Art Museum exhibition and suite of fifteen lithographs published to commemorate Tamarind's first fifteen years, 1977; 56 pages, 46 illustrations; 26 color illustrations.



Tamarind Papers

The Tamarind Technical Papers includes historical, critical, and technical articles on fine prints. The journal was published by Tamarind Institute from 1974 through 1992; subsequently by Tamarind in cooperation with the University of New Mexico Press. See the Tamarind Technical Papers Index for a list of artists, authors, articles, and subjects from volumes 1 - 17. Check the order form for prices on individual issues.