Sharon Louden

b. 1964

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; lives in New York City.

My work is about giving character to individual gestures through the illusion of movement, placement, and direction of marks. I consider these forms "creatures" with whom I have an ongoing dialogue. They come from a long history of development that originated from simple lines observed in bodies in motion and glimpses of curious attitudes of posture. Manipulating these representational lines over time has turned them into forms that constantly evolve. I am interested in placing these figures within a frame or a specific space and having them come alive as individual, humorous, elegant entities unto themselves. My work is a continual investigation into the many characteristics that lie within these forms. The experience of transforming these characters into the medium of lithography was a great challenge for me because of the way I work. Usually, in the process of drawing, I edit through several hundred drawings to get to a final selection of between five and twenty drawings in a series. With lithography, I had to deal with a few plates instead of many sheets of paper. I no longer had the luxury of editing from sheet to sheet; instead, I was required to make specific choices immediately. Because of this different type of spontaneity, I consider these prints to be some of my most unique drawings.

--Sharon Louden