Eve Aschheim

b. 1958

Born in New York, New York; lives in New York.

The four one-run lithographs Aschheim made at Tamarind beautifully capture the physicality of water:

In an ocean or a river, the surface undulates above and below an imaginary plane, which delimits the water's volume. Every wave or ripple both gains and loses energy, with potential energy at the wave's top, and kinetic energy at the bottom. A record of this movement would recreate the virtual volume of the water. Such a record would include small and large periods and amplitudes of waves (lines) building and canceling to create undulations, choppiness, turbulence, and irregularity. I try to create a virtual parallel of the constantly changing structure, using large and small gestures, different speeds of lines, light and reflected light, and changing directionalities. My work proposes a correlation between the surface tension of the water and the tension between the picture plane and deep space. Rather than creating a photographic picture of water, I am interested in conveying both the virtual existence and physical presence of moving water as it changes over time.

--Eve Aschheim