José Antonio Suárez Londoño

b. 1955

Born in Medellín, Colombia; lives in Medellín.

José Antonio draws incessantly, filling notebook after notebook with his tiny sketches. His Tamarind prints draw from this cache of images, or a momentary inspiration, which he often combines with an elegant script, drawn by his own hand. We eagerly await his letters--he doesn't use email!--which are readily identifiable and are added to our own caches of treasured objects. 

Each tiny print or drawing is meticulously constructed of objects and symbols, plants, rocks, animal and human forms, into a private microcosm of humor and fantasy. The elements are locked together with the arcane logic of a pharaonic cartouche. In his notebooks, he manages to mix objets culled from the real world with graphic and verbal recollections. These configurations of memory and imagination allow us to follow the artist's own inspiration and realization process.

--James Murphy, critic and educator