Stephen Talasnik

b. 1954

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; lives in New York, New York.

For the past several years, my drawings and sculpture have explored intuition in engineering. At a time in our civilization when we rely increasingly on digital technology to expedite "means," I continue to enlist basic human reasoning to explore structures that test the language of engineering and architecture. Although inherently fictional, my constructs allude to the real; they suggest credibility while remaining independent from the confines of finite calculation.

Because I am interested in the defiance of gravity, towers and bridges, all kinds of apparatus for flying, and craft for staying adrift are all objects that have great metaphoric appeal to me. Ultimately they are simple attempts to overcome the limitations established by nature.

Although larger drawings focus on the visual choreography of fantastic and visionary architecture, smaller works explore iconographic symbols in design. I invent a personal encyclopedia of engineering structures whose function and meaning are continually redefined by history and context, yet all my structures allude to the human form. Humanism within design is the means through which personal experience seamlessly intersects with engineering, regardless of scale.

--Stephen Talasnik (2002)