LeRoy Neiman


Born in St. Paul, Minnesota; died in New York, New York.

Well-known for his depiction of sporting events and celebrities, Neiman created Lobo Layup at Tamarind Institute after attending the 2008 men’s basketball game against UNLV. Here, he works with Master Printer, Bill Lagatutta in Tamarind's workshop.

When Tamarind Director Marjorie Devon called LeRoy Neiman in 2008, already in his mid 80s, to invite him to Tamarind to try his hand at lithography, he immediately accepted saying, “Great! It’s a perfect time to learn something new.” A couple months later, Neiman attended the 2008 UNM men’s basketball victory over UNLV with Devon and Dr. David Schmidly, UNM’s President, where he sketched one of UNM’s star players, J.R. Giddens.

After the game, the work of making a lithograph began. LeRoy is best known for his paintings and serigraphs, which are very colorful. Neiman was eager to understand lithography and explore the techniques unique to the medium. Once Neiman drew on the plates and stone, he enjoyed the proofing process in which the matrices can be printed in different color combinations.  After ten days, the enthusiasm and experimentation paid off and LeRoy was very pleased with the resulting lithograph, Lobo Layup