Mark Licari

b. 1975

Born in Atlanta, Georgia; lives in Los Angeles, California.

Lithography, at its simplest, is an extraordinary, interconnected system of planning, surprises, adjustments, spontaneity, collaboration, and patience, all while thinking both forwards and backwards. For me this adventure at Tamarind included the following:

  • An old suit primarily used for weddings and funerals but also the one job interview. Tenacious hungry moths that enter though the open window seize the opportunity for a midnight snack.
  • A vacuum finally exhausted by the consumption of lint balls, cookie crumbs, potting soil, dog hair, loose screws, toenail clippings, lucky pennies, earring backs, lost buttons and errant Legos.
  • A plane ride to an unknown location where the difficulty of leaving the past behind and transitioning to a new environment is comforted by the fact that thoughts flow more clearly at high altitude.