Dirk De Bruycker


Born in Ghent, Belgium; lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The visual complexity of Dirk De Bruycker's prints mirrors their layers of meaning. Each print derives from one of the artist's own photographs of a pattern cast onto a nude body by the projected slide of a watermark or hallmark collected by his grandfather. The photographs were printed lithographically, along with De Bruycker's consequent responses of stained areas and drawn patterns. These images appear as groupings of eyes and are informed by the artist's recollections of the "eyes" on the barks of Aspen trees as well as human eyes.

What started this series is best described as a little event that took place in my studio in Granada, Nicaragua. Sometime in February of last year I entered the studio and on the tile floor lay dead,  body consumed by hormigas bravas (ants), a splendid Cocoa Mort Bleu-.a large butterfly whose wings mimic that of an owl face. I gasped, overwhelmed by both the beauty and undercurrent of tragedy of the scene. I think I have been trying to recreate that moment of gasping in the work I’ve done since. Artists use metaphors of course, and this occurrence provided me with much more than a pretext to give expression to my sentiments and convictions, and in a way that is consistent with the intuitive, process-oriented approach that I favor.

--Dirk De Bruycker (2005)