Valerie Arber

b. 1949

Born in  Englewood, New Jersey; lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Marfa, Texas.

Necklace I, II and III are variations on a theme I’ve explored for about a decade. They are an offshoot of my Pearl Series, which referred in various literal and symbolic ways to a string of pearls that belonged to my mother. I continue to draw on this subject for the depth of connections that it embodies: the beautiful and miraculous forces of the natural world, and my place within it.

The prints range from the abstract but recognizable Necklace I to a more mysterious image in Necklace II which appears to glow with a pulsing, inner light.

Necklace III explodes the elements into a gyrating pattern of circles and dots, describing a phenomenon not unlike viewing light itself. The power of each image lies in the fact that it generates a vibrating, retinal sensation while remaining very still and contained.

--Valerie Arber