Glenn Goldberg

b. 1953

Born in Bronx, New York; lives in New York, New York.

Art is the main work channel through which I grow. It involves devotion, a work ethic, curiosity, soul searching, independence, self acceptance and courage. It is loaded with many ups and downs an presents many challenges along the way. I could never have predicted the work that I have made and am currently making. Despite how internally driven the process is, outside forces help to shape and alter its path, thus the surprises that occur. My paintings are a bybrid of American training (via european tradition) plus influences from American folk traditions, Asian art, African art, children's tales and utilitarian objects. I view art as an offering that ideally does not point back to the maker. My job as a painter is to get out of the way and fabricate a viable and honorable condition. Other bodies of work are involved with tinkering, hobbies, boyishness, play, and work that hovers without knowing its purpose. 

--Glenn Goldberg