New Editions: Monica Nador, Chris Ballantyne, Matt Magee, Allison Miller, Liliana Porter

August 23–December 1, 2013


New Editions features lithographs and monoprints created at Tamarind over the past nine months by Chris Ballantyne, Matt Magee, Allison Miller and Liliana Porter. The exhibition also includes a selection of lithographs from Tamarind’s project AFRO: Black Identity in Brazil and America, which is currently on view at the Museu Afro Brasil in São Paulo, Brazil.

San Francisco-based artist Chris Ballantyne produced five lithographs during his stay at Tamarind in the spring of 2013. In these new editions, Ballantyne recalls the suburban landscape he is known for in his paintings, works on paper and large-scale murals. The resulting prints merge playful, soft colors with whimsical landscapes: a parking lot filled with palm trees, mazes of power lines, jetties and fences, and the aftermath of a party on the lawn. Of his work, critic Cate McQuaid writes, “With shrewd restraint, Ballantyne accentuates the antisocial effects of our built environment with a hint of humor and plenty of ambiguity.” All five lithographs are available for purchase through Tamarind; they range in price from $500-$800. Ballantyne is represented by Hosfelt Gallery in San Francisco, Steven Zevitas Gallery in New York, and Hof and Huyser in Amsterdam. 

Painter Matt Magee produced seven editions during his time at Tamarind in February. In his daily studio practice, Magee experiments with painting language, often creating entire works dedicated to a phrase or word, exploring it’s meaning through a symbolic, almost hieroglyphic visual format. In one print series, consisting of three lithographs, Magee plays with the term “grapheme”. Magee explains that, “a grapheme is the smallest semantically distinguishing unit in written language, including alphabetic letters, typographic ligatures, Chinese characters, numerical digits, punctuation marks and other individual systems of any of the world’s writing systems”. In another lithograph, titled “After Math,” Magee created a powerfully optical, red and white, double-paneled print recalling the spirit of Frank Stella and Op art. The final series of three lithographs, “Verbatim,” “Carthew,” and “Decoder” mirror the painting style for which Magee is well-known. All seven new editions range in price from $700-$1,200. Magee’s prints have recently been collected by the Houston Museum of Art, and he has exhibited with James Kelly in Santa Fe, Hiram Butler in Houston, and Knoedler and Company in New York, among a multitude of other international venues.

Los Angeles-based painter Allison Miller is known for her large-scale, multi-colored, multi-layered paintings. Miller begins her paintings by creating one composition, slowly layering new ones on top of the original, repeating the process over and over. The result is a rich abstract visual narrative, evolved well past the artist’s original starting point. This depth and rich layering is visible in the prints Miller created while at Tamarind. In several monoprints and one lithograph, Miller layered patterns, textures and washes, lending her prints a beautiful and truly unique result. Miller’s new editions range from $800-$1,200 and are unlike any prints Tamarind has shown before. Miller was recently featured in the Hammer Museum’s exhibition “Made in LA,” and she exhibits at ACME in Los Angeles and Susan Inglett Gallery in New York.

No stranger to Tamarind or printmaking, artist Liliana Porter was welcomed back to Tamarind’s workshop this past spring. Porter created five new editions, incorporating her signature bunnies and delightful humor. In her new editions, the artist evokes joy and surprise from the unsuspecting viewer. Porter’s wit, often masked under the simplicity of her compositions and drawings, does not disappoint. Of the five editions, Porter created two that incorporate three-dimensional elements. “To See Gold” reveals a bunny staring eternally at an orb of gold in front of him. “To Dress Up” features a bunny wearing a tiny hand-sewn white dress. The five editions are priced from $1,800-$2,000. Porter, an Argentinian-native, is represented by several galleries internationally, and her work can be found in over a hundred museum and private collections.

In addition to these new editions, the exhibition will feature select prints from the project AFRO: Black Identity in Brazil and America. This project took place at Tamarind during the summer of 2012, when three Brazilian and three American artists of African descent worked in binational pairs in the workshop, exploring personal narratives related to race, nationality, and place. For this portion of the New Editions exhibition, the gallery will exhibit select lithographs by Alison Saar, Toyin Odutola, Willie Cole, Sidney Amaral, Rosana Paulino and Tiago Gualberto. The complete project works will be on view, along with a documentary film, at The National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in December of 2014.