Good In the Kitchen

January 25–March 13, 2013

Good In the Kitchen: Tamarind Lithographs Exploring the Impact of the Womens Movement

Tamarind Institute announces its first exhibition of 2013, Good in the Kitchen, curated by John Mulvany. The exhibition is on view in the Tamarind Gallery from January 25 – March 14, with public hours Monday through Friday, 9-5. The public is invited to join attendees of the Women and Creativity 2013 conference for a reception on March 8, 2013 from 5-7 in the Tamarind Gallery.

Good in the Kitchen includes prints created at Tamarind over the past thirty years that explore the impact of the women’s movement on both male and female artists. Mulvany has selected imagery of domestic scenes with strong autobiographical content. His intent is to engage the viewer in an open dialogue regarding the artist’s gender and the chosen subject matter, rather than to support any specific feminist theory.