April 20–July 6, 2018

Two-fold: A Pairing of Frederick Hammersley + Matthew Shlianpresents Shlian’s recent work alongside a selection of Hammersley’s computer drawings and Tamarind prints. As the first artist awarded the Frederick Hammersley Artist Residency, Shlian was able to collaborate with six different printers and produce several different bodies of work during his extended residency.  The two artists, working nearly fifty years apart, each reflect a fascination with the digital tools of their time and a wonder in the infinite possibilities of pattern and geometry.

As part of the exhibition, Matthew Shlian will install a new three-dimensional printed piece in Tamarind's front window, visible from Central Ave. Produced from hundreds of sheets of printed, cut, folded and hand-assembled components, the newest work in the Unholy series mimics the gradations of the sky from light blue to midnight, and the vibrant New Mexico sun, from pale yellow to fiery red.

Unholy 79 (in sky tone): 
"The voice of the water
the hum of the bees
the source of the murmur
the wind"

The exhibition includes work Courtesy Frederick Hammersley Foundation and the University Art Museum, University of New Mexico. 
The exhibition will be in the gallery through July 6, except during a brief period for Tamarind's student exhibition, May 1 - 11. 

This exhibition is made possible through the support of the Frederick Hammersley Foundation.


left: Matthew Shlian, Ara 244: The Other Ishihara Test- Hell, 2016. Paper Size: 20 x 20 inches. Three-dimensional, three-color lithographic monoprint collage. Six unique monoprints within each color family. Collaborating Printer: Ash Armenta.

right: Frederick Hammersley (1919-2009), SCALLOP POTATOES, 1969. Computer-generated drawing on paper. 11 x 15 inches. Image courtesy the Frederick Hammersley Foundation.