The Tamarind Technical Papers includes historical, critical, and technical articles on fine prints. The journal was published by Tamarind Institute from 1974 through 1992; subsequently by Tamarind in cooperation with the University of New Mexico Press. Volumes 15, 16, and 17 are described below in detail. See the Tamarind Technical Papers Index for a list of artists, authors, articles, and subjects from volumes 1 - 17. Call to check availability. 


Hot Off the Press

The Tamarind Papers, Volume 15 (1193-94)
Hot Off the Press: Prints and Politics

Edited by Linda P. Tyler and Barry Walker
Softbound, $24.95

The New Deal, with its WPA art projects, was a golden age for lithographic printmakers. In this collection are found a tribute to Gustave von Groschwitz, a central figure in the federal Graphic Arts Division of the WPA in New York; an essay on and checkli st of the prints of Robert Gwathmey, active in the Philadelphia WPA project and concerned conditions of African-Americans in the South. 

Included in this volume is an original print by Eric Avery. In addition, there are interviews with Eric Avery and Patrick Nagatani, both artists concerned with current social issues; an overview of the evolution of social awareness in nineteenth-century F rench prints; and articles by two Tamarind Master Printers on waterless lithography.

Lithography continues to thrive both by honoring its long artistic heritage and by engaging in ongoing experimentation This volume celebrates that rich diversity.

  • Gustave von Groschwitz: Historian, Curator, Lover of Lithography and All That Mattered by Ellen Sragow
  • Revolution and Its Discontents: Prints, Politics, and the Emergence of Modernism in Nineteenth-Century France by Stephen Pinson
  • The American League Against War and Fascism 1936 Calendar by Peter Walch
  • Harry Gottlieb: Artist, Printmaker, Political Activist, Gentle Radical, Friend by Ellen Sragow
  • The Prints of Robert Gwathmey by Reba White Williams
  • The Skin of the World: Leon Golub and Nancy Spero by Lynne Allen
  • An Interview with Eric Avery by Barry Walker
  • Prints, Politics, Polemics by Marc Petr
  • Contextually Loaded: A Conversation with Patrick Nagatani by Clinton Adams
  • 21 Steps: A New Printmaking Aesthetic by Jeffrey Ryan
  • A Brief Guide to Siligraphy: Waterless Lithography by Veda Ozell


 Second Impressions

The Tamarind Papers, Volume 16 (1995-96)
Second Impressions: Modern Prints and Printmakers Reconsidered 

Edited by Clinton Adams
No longer available.

This collection of essays, the second volume of The Tamarind Papers to be produced in book form by the University of New Mexico Press, offers print experts the rare opportunity to reexamine topics in the history of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-cen tury prints. Of the twelve essays in the book, some correct what has been previously published, some add new information to the record; others reevaluate new prints or printmakers in the light of changed historical perspectives.

Three of the essays focus on late nineteenth-century France. One examines Paul Signac's unpublished correspondence with his printer August Clot to clarify circumstances that surround publication of his radiant color lithographs in he 1890's. One looks at anti-Modernist Paul Blanc, and another reevaluates the diversity of art in France during this period. Another series of articles explores aspects of American printmaking by reexamining the work of Child Hassam, Wanda Gag, Arshile Gorky, Will Barnet, John Steuart Curry, and the Federal Art Project's lithography unit in San Francisco.

All told, these essays not only add to our knowledge of specific artist and their prints but also suggest methodologies through which other historians may usefully reconsider and reappraise the complex history of the modern print.

  • New Light on Signac's Color Lithographs--Again! by Pat Gilmour
  • Paul Blanc's Beggars: Mendicity as Metaphor by Gabriel Weisberg
  • Forums for the Absurd: Three Avant-Garde Lithographic Publications at the Turn of the Last Century by Phillip Dennis Cate
  • Frank Morley Fletcher and the Japanese Color Print by Nancy E. Green
  • The Case of the Absent Printer: Childe Hassam's Lithographs by Clinton Adams
  • Wanda Gag's Free Spirit: A Reconsideration of the Prints by Richard Cox and Julie L'Enfant
  • Painter, Mannikin, and Mirror: A Further Investigation of the Prints of Arshile Gorky by Robert P. Conway
  • The Lithography Unit of the Federal Art Project in Northern California by James Wechsler
  • The Prints of Will Barnet: An Addendum by David Acton
  • Two Lithographs by John Steuart Curry by Sylvan Cole
  • Theodore H. Cuno by Clinton Adams
  • The Rutgers Archives for Printmaking Studio by Trudy Hansen



Out of Print -
no longer available

The Tamarind Papers, Volume 17 (1997-98)
Intersections: Lithography, Photography, and the Traditions of Printmaking

Edited by Kathleen Stewart Howe,Curator of Prints and Photographs, University of New Mexico Art Museum
No longer available.

This collection of essays, Volume 17 of The Tamarind Papers and the third to be produced in book form, describes the intersections of lithography, photography, and established printmaking techniques. Considering topics from William Henry Fox Talbot's botanical illustrations and the Lemerciers' invention of photolithography to the sociopolitical prints of Ben Shahn and Walton Ford's incorporation of the photograph in contemporary lithography, these nine essays mark the hundredth anniversary of the lithographic print and expand the history of graphic processes in nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The connections between lithography and photography are many and varied. This volume expands the reader's knowledge of the history of printmaking and underscores the enduring beauty of prints. Kathleen Stewart Howe, Ph.D., curator of prints and photographs at the University of New Mexico, Art Museum, is the author of Revealing the Holy Land, Excursions Along the Nile and Felix Teynard: Calotypes of Egypt.

    • Photography's Non-reproducibility, or, the Rhetoric of Touch by Stephen C. Pinson
    • Nature's Supernaturalism: William Henry Fox Talbot and Botanical Illustration by Douglas R. Nickel
    • Lithophotographie: An Art of Imitation by Jeff Rosen
    • The Battle for a Market: Art Reproductions in Print and Photography from 1850 to 1880 by Pierre-lin Renie
    • F. Holland Day and the Appeal of Hand Wrought Appearances by James Crump
    • "In the Colors of Nature": Detroit Publishing Company Photochroms by Thomas W. Southall
    • Ben Shahn and the American Racial Divide by Susan H. Edwards
    • The Prison Series: A Conversation with James Casebere by Jan Howard
    • At Play in the Fields of the World: Lithographs by Walton Ford by Kathleen Stewart Howe