To start the day, I was introduced to Victor Lytvinenko at Raleigh Denim. He is an incredibly energetic person and generous as well; he gave us half of his day it felt like. I gained an apron – him, a lithograph. I found this podcast that tells  the story of him and his wife, Sarah and how they started and run Raleigh Denim  (

Here are some shots Frank took at the workshop. He also took us to the studio of his brother, Tim, and finally to a local bakery that had DARK RYE BREAD, like northern European style. So delicious!

Later, Frank and I went to the Nasher (museum of art at Duke University) to see their two exhibitions and listen to Jeffrey Gibson give an artist talk ( The exhibitions were full of familiar names. It’s fun to realize how many new artists I have learned of during my 4.5 years at Tamarind. The “Art for new understanding: Native voices, 1950’s to now” exhibition had a Fritz Scholder right at the entrance and a Jaune Quick-to-See Smith among others. I also saw a beautiful lithograph by Willie Birch called “Blacknuss”. It’s from the museum’s collection, but I don’t have information on who printed it.

Jeffrey Gibson’s talk was interesting, educational and fun. I was humming Janet Jackson all the way home…

More about earth casting with Thomas Sayre later, we got it done today…well, the casting part at least.

And, finally a quote for the day from The Tamarind Papers (Volume 8, Numbers 1, 2, 1985) titled “Artist and Printer: Some Matches Are Made in Heaven and Others…” by Leonard Lehrer. (full issue online at )