G. Victor Goler

b. 1963 in Buenos Aires, Argentina; lives in Taos, New Mexico

Gustavo Victor Goler was raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico among a family of Latin American art conservators and restorers. Goler’s early years were spent apprenticing in his family’s conservation studios where he was taught to carve. This was the segue to his interest in saints. He attended the University of New Mexico and later earned a degree in Graphics and Advertising Design from the Colorado Institute of Art. Currently, he researches the works, techniques and history of New Mexico, European and Latin American carvers but devotes much of his time to exploring his own artistic pursuits. Victor’s work is considered to be progressive and his increasing knowledge of iconography and religious themes as well as his growing ability to manipulate his medium have made him a popular sculptor.

In addition to his bultos and retablos, Goler has mastered other media including lithographs. His skills as a wood carver have elevated him to an award winning artist-including numerous “First Place” awards and two “Grand Prize” awards at Spanish Market in Santa Fe, NM. Goler has also consulted on and lectured about Santero techniques and history at notable venues including the Smithsonian Institution. His work can be found in publications, museum collections and churches across the country.