Suzi Davidoff

b. 1953 in El Paso, Texas; lives in El Paso, Texas

March 21, vernal equinox, to early June of 2000walks in an arroyo in El Paso, Texas. The last walk at dawn before driving to Tamarind to begin this group of lithographs. My car was loaded with plant fragments–fresh and dried, that I had collected on the walks, and earth, clay and pods from the arroyo. The wind blew relentlessly almost every day that I walked. It was amazing that the emerging leaves and flowers weren’t stripped from their stems. The drawings on the stones were completed on June 21, the summer solstice. This series of prints is an investigation of the spring cycle in the arroyo.

The idea of a journey, and most often an actual walk or hike, is the genesis of much of my current work. My recent prints at Tamarind began with a series of walks in the Davis Mountains in West Texas. The grasses, bark, earth, clay, and plant materials collected on my walks from the basis of these lithographs. Earth and plant materials were rubbed into each sheet of paper before printing. These physical remnants of the walks serve for me as connections between personal experience and the finished work. The botanical images in each print are from the collection of Theodorus Clutius, a sixteenth-century Dutch pharmacist. They Contrast with the drawn forms and refer to the spirit of investigation and observation of the natural world.

-Suzi Davidoff