Tanja Softic

b. 1966 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; lives in Richmond, Virginia

My work explores memory: its primary source is the classical practice of expanding one’s mnemonic capacity through the process of intense visualization of events or objects in imaginary architectural settings. Recently, I have incorporated references to history, war and tenuous relationship of conscience, memory and national identity into my work. Intricately layered, composite images reflect the fragmented, complicated natures of both memory and contemporary living experience.

I am interested in territories between the intellect and senses, places where artistic, literary and scientific methods of inquiry interface: botany, architecture, contemporary and historical medical imaging. In my work, the precision and order of scientific illustration and the fecund, anarchic beauty of plants are metaphors for ways of engagement with the world, and an acknowledgement of numerous ways of discerning and interpreting it.

–Tanja Softic