Yoshimi Hayashi

b. 1971 in Tokyo, Japan; lives in Oceanside, California

Yoshimi Hayashi is an installation and performance artist. As a curator he has developed numerous site-based exhibitions at international venues, as well as shows that have traveled nationally. As a teen, he returned to Japan to study ceramics and apprenticed with world-class ceramic sculptor Hiroshi Ikehata. 

During his time at Tamarind in 2002, he created two editions, A Measure of You and Me and Offer You My Heaven in which he created emotive compositions of text, form, and color. 

He earned a BS in psychology from University of California, Los Angeles, an MS in behavior analysis from California State University, and an MFA from The University of New Mexico. He joined the Art Department at MiraCosta College in 2001 to teach ceramics and sculpture.