A great viewing experience of Tamarind editions and works from other international publishers currently available on Artsy, with the online version of the IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair. Just one of the many gems is this recent edition:

Danielle Orchard
Third Hand, 2019 (19-319)
Two-color lithograph
Paper Size: 16 x 22 inches
Paper Type: Soft white Somerset satin
Collaborating Printer: Valpuri Remling
Edition of 20

“My interest and pleasure in abstracting, cutting up, rearranging, flattening and cubistically arranging heads of women coincides very much with Picasso’s. But one major difference is that each time I approach the subject, I’m bringing some degree of autobiography to it. And so my work hovers somewhere in the ambiguous space between self-effacement and rebirth.”
—Danielle Orchard

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