We’re taking a deeper look into individual prints in our archive, bringing different voices from the institute into play.
Starting the series we’re looking at Michael Krueger’s The Other Side of the Moon (Let’s Keep It Between Us), 2018. 

Seven-color lithograph with glow in the dark dusting powder on Antique white Somerset velvet
26 7/8 x 41 15/16 inches
Edition of 15

Tamarind’s director Diana Gaston:
Artist Michael Krueger’s fascination with the far side of the moon, the side that faces away from the earth and is known only through photographs, stems from his drawing practice of focusing intently on the singularity of an idea. He has drawn and redrawn the moon in great detail for more than a decade, working from NASA images to render the surface with a fair amount of accuracy. But for Krueger, and for many of us who grew up with the visual memory of the first moon landing, he is also enthralled with the symbolic force of the moon, and represents it from the perspective of the dreamer, the naturalist, and the poet. Here he shows us the mysterious dark side of the moon as though we the viewer are positioned on a nearby planet, experiencing the astronomical body up close, against a light-hearted pink color field. The choice of ink color played out in various permutations during proofing before Krueger landed on pink, and it hints at a profound celestial moment, one that we will never see but can only imagine.

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