We’re taking a deeper look into individual prints in our archive, bringing different voices from the institute into play.
Starting the series we’re looking at Michael Krueger’s The Other Side of the Moon (Let’s Keep It Between Us), 2018. 

Seven-color lithograph with glow in the dark dusting powder on Antique white Somerset velvet
26 7/8 x 41 15/16 inches
Edition of 15

 Here’s Michael Krueger:

I have been making drawings of the moon for close to a decade, and am still infatuated. And aren’t we all, since the beginning the moon has been a place to put our hopes and dreams, to connect myth, fable and allegory. In this print I have drawn the dark side of the moon, using photographs from NASA. I took the time to draw each crater of this asteroid blasted surface. In a strange way I think of this piece as a landscape, as we need to be standing on a planet to view the moon. Planted firmly below and looking up is part of the magnetism, a capricious reaching toward transcendence defiant of our fixed place on earth.

There is a romanticism to the image and also a quiet mysticism. The colors are bright and the sliver glows at night. I wanted to make a print that captures the allure of the moon, the mystery and the longing we attach to the moon. Where are you when you look at this image, and where do you want to be? What is your relationship to the moon? How will future generations relate to the moon? I hope this image will elicit fancy and sublime wonder, to help people consider their own rapport with the moon.


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