We’re taking a deeper look into individual prints in our archive, bringing different voices from the institute into play.
Starting the series we’re looking at Michael Krueger’s The Other Side of the Moon (Let’s Keep It Between Us), 2018. 

Seven-color lithograph with glow in the dark dusting powder on Antique white Somerset velvet
26 7/8” x 41 15/16”
Edition of 15


First up, here’s our Master Printer/Workshop Manager Valpuri Remling talking about the collaboration:

Well this was a fun one! Michael and I had many late nights when collaborating over this print. Not necessarily because we ran out of time, but because we needed to work in the dark! The man loves his airbrush, but what does the desert have that doesn’t go well with tiny particles flying in the air…? Yes, you got it: Static electricity. Lots and lots of it.
We ended up making the blend roll-looking airbrushed layers, as well as all other airbrush details, in the dark of the night, using the whole workshop as our darkroom. We liked the acrylic (bring back Cel-Vinyl!) paint best over all other methods. So we decided we’d just spray directly onto the 36×52” Emerald plates. Once the acrylic was dry, I would run the plate to the exposure unit, shoot and develop. I had to get the dried acrylic off the plate so it took a while. After that I was able to shoot again to burn off all excess marks. This worked so well, and we had fun those late nights. Wonder if it was all the moonlighting or what that made us want to do the glow in the dark dusting on the side of the moon, but we did and I am very happy about the way it works. I have seen the dark side of the moon, and I like it!