Back at the earth casting site with Thomas Sayre and his team.

To put it all together, we dug one day and poured two days. While pouring, Thomas shaped the discs, and after, I, “The Dirt Lady,” gently covered the piles with more dirt. Thomas encourage me to leave intentional marks, like knuckle prints or rock impressions. This is hard for someone who is used to NOT showing their hand in the creative process. I did it though — I punched the concrete!

His assistants, Rhian and Zack, are really talented and great team workers, and I was welcomed and treated as one of the team. It felt good to know my way around the site more each day. And, concrete is a wonderful thing — so coarse and heavy, but in the hands of a master, suddenly so smooth. I learned a lot today again, and can’t stop thinking about how to use these methods with my materials in my shop.

The castings are now drying and waiting for the team to go back and lift them up, transport to the site, and assemble. I hope to see images of the final piece and share them here, too.

Nice to spend days outdoors. Makes me think of being a child, how mom sent us out to play before dinner, to build an appetite. I surely have been eating well after these outdoor WORK days.