Ellen and Frank are the most active people I’ve met in a while. I don’t understand how they promise to be in three places at once and succeed on it too!

We visited Thomas Sayre again, but this time to see his amazing studio in Raleigh. “Clearscapes was formed in 1981 out of a collaboration between an architect and an artist, around the shared idea that architecture should be a functional work of art that serves to engage and inspire its users and their community.  This simple premise of inspiration, collaboration, and community is the basis of our firm. “

I loved browsing through the collection of tools and such. Thomas told us about a piece he is doing for Albuquerque’s Sawmill District next spring. He is using the help of some local adobe experts. When he talks about his work, I can hear excitement about the unknown, blended together with decades of experience. We got to see varies techniques around the studio. I especially liked the casted clothes where the color of the clothing, and sometimes even the fibers, had stuck to the casting. 

After visiting Thomas, we drove to the North Carolina School of Math and Science in Durham, and attended a panel discussion on African cemeteries. The room was packed, and I was surprised to learn about the history of these burial grounds and the way they are not taken care of at all. The speaker was from a group focused on preserving these sites. You can read more, and support the cause at https://www.friendsofgeer.com/ 

We still had time to visit my most anticipated stop of the day — Horse & Buggy Press. They were having an open studio with a couple of local artists showing their work, jewelry and pottery. I discovered that the pottery maker, Evelyn Ward, has a background in printmaking. So I got to geek out a bit with her. 

This litho rehab is hard ya’ll.  No quote for today. Mabye tomorrow.

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