Lot #5: Garo Antreasian, Riddle I, 2013

Riddle I, 2013
Single-color Lithograph, color trial proof from abandoned edition
42 x 30.125 inches
Collaborating printer: Bill Lagatutta
Done at Tamarind Institute

Donated by the Family of Garo Z. Antreasian

Garo Antreasian (1922-2018) was a noted painter, lithographer, and art educator. Upon the founding of the Tamarind Institute (then named Tamarind Lithography Workshop) in Los Angeles in 1960, he became Tamarind’s first technical director and master printer. He moved to Albuquerque in 1964 to accept a faculty position with the Department of Art at the University of New Mexico where he taught in the Department of Art and Art History and was instrumental in bringing the workshop to UNM as Tamarind Institute. In 1971, he co-wrote Tamarind Techniques for Fine Art Lithography with Clinton Adams, which became the definitive text for creative lithography internationally. Antreasian was one of very few artists at Tamarind with significant technical skill in lithography. In the 1970s, he turned to hard-edge abstraction and became known among printers for his use of the rainbow roll. He returned many times to create lithographs, including in 2013 during which he collaborated with Master Printer Bill Lagattuta to create Riddle II, a twisting, geometric composition of white lines with a rich, deep blue ground.

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