Lot #48: Leonard Lehrer, Veduta, 1981

Leonard Lehrer (1936-2018)
Veduta, 1981
Two-color lithograph on Rives BFK
22 3/8 x 30 1/8 inches
Collaborating printer: Yasutoshi Ishibashi
Edition 50
signe lower right
Tamarind number 81-602

From the Collection of Ray Graham

My work has seen a lengthy cyclical evolution of ideas and intent, from Bonnard-like summer afternoons in the garden to the clustering of many thoughts and experience into a variety of mediums, including my most recent journey into the world of high tech processes. Among the forces directly impacting my work are the paintings of Pontormo, the gardens and domed ceilings of the Alhambra, the movie “Last Year at Marienbad” and the writings of Jorges Luis Borges; the simultaneity of experience, i.e., that past, present and future all exist at the same moment – at this very moment – is at the very core of my understanding. Through my images I try to comprehend the very nature of my experience. I attempt to address the magic of the arts, the unexpected, the sense of discovery that the adventure of my life has provided for me. From the wonderment of the paradise garden to efforts in addressing great loss, I find that the arts embrace everything. It is pure privilege to be part of this most remarkable language system.

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