Lot #87: Nomi Silverman, Untitled

22x 30 inches
Printed on handmade St.Armand
Edition of 10
Published by Milestone Graphics.
Printed by James Reed

About the workshop
Milestone Graphics is a professional, contract, fine printmaking studio owned and operated by Master Printer James Reed.

It was established in 1976 in San Francisco, California with the expressed purpose of providing national and regional artists of all rank and experience access to the expertise of professional printers. The studio is based on the traditional model of the atelier with a master printer working and collaborating with the artist to achieve the aesthetic goals of the artist.

The studio provides a quiet center for artists to explore traditional print media.  Milestone Graphics prides itself on its ability to offer artists an open, professional atmosphere in which to develop their images.

The studio is a small shop with an emphasis on personalized collaboration and the production of limited, high quality editions. Over the years the shop has expanded from just lithography to a place where an artist can explore any or all the various print media, either singularly or in any combination of techniques.

Milestone is the oldest professional shop in the state. After moving to Connecticut in 1979 artists such as Ann Chernow, Nomi Silverman, Perry Obee, Lucy Sallick, Alberta Ciffoleli,  Andre Junget and Ronnie Rysz have regularly used the services and expertise offered at Milestone Graphics.

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