Silent Auction Lot #7: Malcolm Morley

Dale Earnhart A, 2005
Eight-color lithograph
30 x 41 inches
Edition of 150
Collaborating Printer: Maurice Sanchez and Nicholas Hall
Estimate: $1200


Starting bid: $800

From Artnet: Malcom Morley is a contemporary British painter. Working in a variety of styles—from Photo Realism to Neo-Expressionism—Morley’s work has shifted through multiple distinct aesthetic periods over the course of his prolific career. “The idea is to have no idea,” the artist has said of his practice. “Get lost. Get lost in the landscape.” Born on June 7, 1931 in London, England, he experienced a troubled childhood, during which he first took up painting while serving time at the Wormwood Scrubs prison. Following his release, he quickly enrolled at the Camberwell School of Arts and the Royal College of Art, initially adopting an Abstract Expressionist style of working. While later living in New York, he began making Photorealist paintings after befriending Pop Art icons Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Throughout his career, Morley’s work has retained a common thread of subject matter: aviation, automobiles, locomotion, and watercraft. A significant influence in 20th-century painting, he was the recipient of the 1984 Turner Prize, and held a teaching position at the School of Visual Arts from 1970 to 1974. Morley lives and works in Bellport, NY.


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