The Cassilhaus Artist Retreat and Residency was established in 2009 by Ellen Cassilly and Frank Konhaus (hence Cassilhaus) in a custom designed artist “pod” attached to their residence in North Carolina. Working professional artists from a wide range of disciplines are invited to retreat and work in a stunning wooded setting for three to seven week periods. While initially conceived as exclusively for visual artists, the program has been expanded to include poets, writers, choreographers, theatrical directors, musicians, filmmakers, and other artists. Participation is by invitation only.

The mission of the Cassilhaus residency is simple—to provide a creative, comfortable, tranquil, and visually stimulating environment for artists to get inspired and recharged to make new work. The Triangle area of NC offers extraordinary resources and a rich and welcoming arts community. We pride ourselves in making whatever connections possible for our fellows to resources, equipment, scholars, institutions, etc. to make their time here energizing and productive and to allow them to take on adventurous projects. Artists are encouraged to offer at least one service to the community during their stay in the form of a class, workshop, lecture, open studio, exhibition, performance, or reading.  There is no expectation of donated artwork.

It has been a complete joy and charge for us to share our home and lives with such wonderful and distinguished artists and to continue to build these deep & nourishing relationships beyond their visits here.  See below to learn more about our current and former artists in residence.

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