aand Tree Line: Edge and Energy of Habitat
Exhibition Dates: Jan 14 – May 16, 2020

The edge of the
habitat at which trees are capable of growing is known as the tree line; beyond
this boundary, trees do not exist due to harsh conditions. In Tree Line:
Edge and Energy of Habitat
, artists depict trees in natural environments,
in human-made settings, as commodities, as spiritual energy, and in the reaches
of our imagination. The exhibition prompts us to consider the relationships
between the limits of arboreal existence and ours.

Featured artists: Valerie Arber, Chris Ballantyne, John Beerman, Alex Cerveny, Luke Dorman, Adam Feibelman, Nancy Friese, Scott Greene, Mrk Mulroney, Rosana Paulino, Alison Saar, Jonathan Seliger, Tanja Softic, Chris Uphues