PRINTERVENTION is a co-operation between two Albuquerque arts programs, Tamarind Institute and VSA North Fourth Art Center, funded by Tamarind’s Fabulous Friends organization, to create a series of original lithographs. 

Ten artists who participate regularly in the VSA North Fourth Art Center programs were selected to draw on lithography plates, with the assistance of students in Tamarind’s Professional Printer Training Program. Tamarind students processed the plates and printed from the matrices, in a single color, on archival paper, each image in an edition of 25 impressions. VSA artists assisted at the press during the printing of the editions. Some of the printed impressions were then hand-colored by a larger group of artists in the Day Arts and Exploratory Arts programs at VSA North Fourth Art Center. Each impression bears a rubber stamp signature (they would normally be hand-signed, but we had too many impressions!) of the artist who created the image. These original lithographs are being distributed to the public, with information about our project and respective programs at the Downtown Grower’s Market in Albuquerque’s Robinson Park on Saturday, May 16, 2015. 

The participating artists and Tamarind student printers take great pride in the work that they have created for this project:

Leon Baca
Stephanie Barbour
Jamy Cantrell
Christina Caraveo
Jesse Cruz
James Kreitinger
Esteban Lujan
Mariah Maestas
Jessica Pinto
Adam Smith

Judith Baumann
Danielle Blevins
Candice Corgan
Alice Gauthier
Nora Hammenberg
Amanda Mulvey
Jackie Riccio


VSA ARTS OF NEW MEXICO, located in Albuquerque’s North Fourth Art Center, has been providing arts education, performance and exhibition opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities since 1981. Today VSA serves a total enrollment of nearly 200. The Day Arts Program offers year-round classes in everything from ceramics and painting to sewing and musical theater. The Exploratory Arts Program provides an open studio option for its arts-based activities. VSA encourages both the creative and entrepreneurial aspects of art making and provides training in needed life and social skills for people with disabilities—all through the arts. The result is an active schedule of presentations, exhibitions, and sales opportunities that make a positive difference in the lives of people with disabilities, their families, and the community.