Tamarind's two-part Printer Training Program is designed for students who wish to pursue careers as fine art collaborative printers. This intensive, full-time program concentrates first on strengthening and refining the students' technical skills, then on the application of those skills to collaborative projects. Prior knowledge of lithography is required. A maximum of eight students will be accepted. 

Students may also pursue a M.F.A. in collaborative printmaking, with a focus on lithography, offered by Tamarind in cooperation with The University of New Mexico Department of Art. Details on the M.F.A. program, including the application process, are outlined under Tamarind M.F.A. Program. 

The 2017-18 Printer Training Program begins August 21, 2017 and ends May 12, 2018, with a winter break mid-December to mid-January. 

Students will be required to enroll in the following courses during the fall and spring semesters:



  • Professional Printer (4 credit hours) An intensive technical course which covers the theoretical and applied aspects of the medium. Taught by Tamarind's education director, the course includes frequent lectures and demonstrations as well as 50 hours or more per week in the workshop.(CRN 11408-FA)
  • Business Planning for the Arts (3 credit hours) Meets once a week to address topics related to the planning, development and operation of an arts-related business or non-profit. Special topics pertaining to the operation of a printmaking workshop will be covered as part of the class, and specialized training in workshop management will be presented by Tamarind staff. Taught by Arts Management faculty from the College of Fine Arts, with guest lecturers, the course includes sessions on legal, financial, management, and marketing concerns.


  • Professional Lithography II (3 credit hours) Provides practical collaborative experience for printer-trainees who will work with graduate student artists (selected from a variety of studio disciplines) from the Department of Art, of the University of New Mexico.
  • History of the Graphic Arts II (3 credit hours) Covers the development of the original print from Goya to the present. Offered through the Department of Art at the University of New Mexico. 


PLEASE NOTE: Although students are required to enroll for only six/seven credit hours per semester, this is an intensive program that requires a minimum of 50-60 hours participation per week. 


Costs for participation in the Printer Training Program will include University of New Mexico tuition for two semesters (approximately $2,000 per semester), plus living expenses. For the first semester only, there is a workshop fee of $1500 for expendable materials (payable directly to Tamarind by July 1). Additional drawing and printing supplies will cost approximately $450.


Students who are not United States citizens will be required to obtain a visa. After a student is admitted to Tamarind, The University of New Mexico will initiate the paperwork needed to obtain a visa. All foreign students must prove that they have the equivalent of $12,750, the amount necessary to support one person (the amount is greater if family members accompany the student) for the nine-month period of the Tamarind course. Due to the intense demands of the course, outside employment is not allowed. International students are not eligible for federal student loans, but may apply for limited financial assistance from Tamarind Institute.


Students who have successfully completed the Printer Training Program may apply for admission to the Master Printer Apprentice Training Program, a year-long apprenticeship in Tamarind's professional workshop. A limited number, typically one or two student printers, are selected to stay on for an additional year of training in Tamarind's professional workshop. Apprentice printers collaborate with and print editions for visiting artists, participate in shop management, and conduct an extensive research project, under the supervision of the master printer and workshop manager. 

Apprentice printers who successfully complete a second year apprenticeship at Tamarind are certified as Tamarind Master Printers. There are no fees for the Master Printer Apprentice Program; printers are paid a minimal stipend sufficient to cover basic living expenses.


Brandon Gunn completed the Tamarind Printer Training Program in 2007, and received his Tamarind Master Printer certificate in 2008. Since leaving Tamarind, Brandon has taught printmaking at Santa Fe Community College, Concordia University (Montreal), Brigham Young University Idaho, and Indiana University (Bloomington). 


DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION and send application and related materials to Tamarind Institute, 2500 Central Avenue SE, Albuquerque NM 87106. Or, applicants may e-mail materials to 

Along with the completed application, applicants must submit the following:

  1. A letter in which you describe your professional goals/objectives and your reasons for wanting to participate in the Tamarind Professional Training Program

  2. A complete personal résumé (can include an artist resume)

  3. Transcripts from up to three art schools, colleges, and/or universities you have attended most recently (these may be sent directly to Tamarind from the institution)

  4. Three letters of reference from professionals who are familiar with your work (these may be emailed directly from your references to

  5. A digital portfolio of 10 – 20 images of either your own art, or lithographs you have printed for another artist, that demonstrate the range of your experience in lithography (mail a thumb-drive, or include a link to your images online, ex: Cloud, Dropbox, etc.). Images should be in a Power Point presentation, with caption information on each slide, including the following details: Artist, Title, Year, Paper/Image size, Edition size, Notation of plate(s) or stone(s), and Press type (offset or direct).

Note: Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please contact Tamarind if you have not received an email confirmation, stating that your application is complete. 

For students applying only for the one-year Tamarind Printer Training Program, please review the application requirements and submit your materials directly to Tamarind. DO NOT apply for admission to The University of New Mexico when you apply to Tamarind; application and enrollment will be done after acceptance to Tamarind.

For students applying for the MFA Program, please note that there is a separate application to the College of Fine Arts, which will be reviewed independently of the Tamarind application. Students must apply for both the Tamarind Printer Training Program and the UNM MFA program. January 15 is deadline for both programs.