David X. Levine

b. 1962; lives and works in New York City, New York

David X Levine is known for his rich, dense, colored-pencil drawings, in which he engages in obsessive mark-making, with hundreds of layers of colored pencil. The results of his Tamarind residency yielded equally vibrant lithographs in which the artist gives the viewer a glimpse into his nostalgia for Mary Tyler Moore, bad art jokes, and shapes of color that take on their own personalities.

Levine has exhibited work at such as institutions as Boston University, Boston, MA; Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston, MA; Eight Modern, Sante Fe, NM; John Davis Gallery, Hudson NY;Dust Gallery, Las Vegas, NV; OSP Gallery, Boston, MA; Cynthia Broan Gallery, NYC; Gallery Bershad, Somerville MA; and Honor Fraser, Los Angeles, CA.