Michael Krueger

b.1967, Kenosha, Wisconsin; lives in Lawrence, Kansas

Michael Krueger’s work is deeply rooted in drawing. His studio practice includes painting, printmaking, drawing, animation and ceramics, and he moves easily between disciplines. His fascination with American art, history, and popular culture inform his culturally complex narratives, where hypnotic colors and unexpected wrinkles in time converge.

While in residence at Tamarind in January 2018, Krueger produced four lithographs ranging from a mystical landscape, a poetic rendering of the dark side of the moon, and art historical figures floating across a medieval kitchen interior. The imagery speaks to the artist’s keen curiosity, his penchant for storytelling, and a malleable sense of time and place.

Krueger is a full professor of art at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, where he teaches drawing, intaglio and relief printing. He is a Love Librarian (Lawrence Kansas Chapter), an Honorary Resident Dropper, and exhibits his work internationally.

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Michael Krueger during COVID-19

Michael Krueger during COVID-19

We caught up with Michael Krueger at his home in Lawrence, Kansas, during the COVID-19 confinement to hear his thoughts about printmaking. As we experienced during his residency at Tamarind in 2018, Krueger brings humor and a deep knowledge of printmaking to his studio practice.

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