Stella Ebner

b.1975, lives in Ossining, NY

Stella Ebner integrates the tradition of printmaking with the language of contemporary media culture. Printmaking is central to her work as an artist, and she came to her Tamarind residency with a keen understanding of the interaction of color and how to build an image in lithography.

During Ebner’s residency she created two ambitious prints, one with the seductive colors inspired by a palette of disposable plastics, and the other rendered in ethereal, transparent blues. Her imagery explores the rituals and preoccupations of contemporary American culture, often with a camera as part of the narrative. As she explains, “I am seeking to discover the imagery that defines us as a culture—images of spaces, events, and moments that are so ubiquitous they are largely ignored, but when held up to the viewer they become a place of self-recognition.”

Ebner received her MFA in Printmaking from RISD, and is currently Assistant Professor of Art and Design at SUNY Purchase, New York.