Research by Christine Adams, TMP

Frederick Hammersley Apprentice Printer, 2018-2019

–Full Research Paper at the End of this Post–

Christine Adams at Tamarind Institute

Christine Adams (TMP 2019) presents an overview of Tamarind’s history of admitting women printers into its Printer Training Program. The internationally recognized training program started with the opening of Tamarind Lithography Workshop in 1960, yet the first woman to complete the training was Judith Solodkin in 1974. Adams delves into correspondence and records in the Tamarind Archive, held by the UNM Center for Southwest Research, and considers the broad social context for the workshop’s practices.

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Female Printers of Tamarind Institute: Research into the history of the admittance of women, trends in female enrollment, and the legacy of women trained at Tamarind.