1960s - 1960s

It’s 1960 and the postmodern world is widening its embrace of new ideas and perspectives. The freshly established Tamarind Lithography Workshop has commenced activities in Los Angeles, with June Wayne leading the way. Together with Clinton Adams and Garo Antreasian, Wayne has established multiple long-range goals seeking to rescue the dying art of lithography, a vision that sets Tamarind on its path toward shaping the field of collaborative printmaking (read more here).

During this first decade, Tamarind master artisan-printers and apprentices collaborated with artists of diverse styles from all over the world, exemplifying the workshop’s commitment to experimentation. What resulted created a foundation for collaborative printmaking, standards for print documentation and care, and new scholarship. The first decade of collaboration inspired creative approaches for engaging with the medium of lithography and impassioned market interest in prints in the US.

Tamarind’s collaborative spirit continues to foster and support creativity even today, with many artists returning to the workshop over the past sixty years.