INTRO - The 1990s

The 1990s welcomes technological innovation and progress in truly groundbreaking ways, including the World Wide Web and the first cloned mammal. In the print world, the International Fine Art Print Dealers Association holds its first Fine Art Print Fair in New York City. The IFPDA would prove to be a significant resource for artists, scholars, and collectors worldwide.

Entering its fourth decade, Tamarind surpasses 100 artists published in the workshop and continues its practice of undertaking multicultural collaborative projects including Shared Traditions, bringing New Mexico santeros/santeras and their sons or daughters to the workshop, celebrating traditional santero art forms and the cultural foundations of the Hispanic community, and Trickster, connecting four African artists with four artists from New Mexico pueblos to share stories and make prints about the folkloric trickster figure. Additionally, celebrated artist Hung Liu completes her first of several residencies at Tamarind, and Rodney Hamon is appointed Education Director.