The Workshop

Tamarind Institute continues its program to advance the art of lithography through intensive printer training, research, and creative projects with visiting artists. The workshop is designed to accommodate two parallel programs: printer training and collaborations with visiting artists. These programs are run by the Education Director and the Workshop Manager.  

Valpuri Remling, Tamarind Master Printer

Workshop Manager

Valpuri Remling hails from Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland. After receiving her MFA in printmaking from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Valpuri studied at Tamarind Institute and received her Tamarind Master Printer certificate in 2009. She then returned to Helsinki and Helsinki Litho, becoming co-owner of the workshop, while also teaching lithography at the University of the Arts, Helsinki, in the Academy of Fine Arts printmaking program. After an extensive international search, Valpuri was appointed the Master Printer and Workshop Manager of Tamarind Institute in 2015. Her role includes collaborations with visiting artists, managing multiple publishing projects, advising other workshops and manufacturing entities on best practices in lithography, and leading research in advances in lithographic techniques. Every year she directs the research of Tamarind apprentice printers and mentors the next generation of master printers.

Brandon Gunn, Tamarind Master Printer

Professor of Practice/Education Director

Brandon J. Gunn joined the Tamarind staff in January 2016 as Director of Education. Gunn is originally from Orem, Utah. After receiving a Masters degree in Printmaking at Illinois State University in 2006, and the Tamarind Master Printer Certificate in 2008, he began teaching full time, in addition to producing his own artwork, printing collaboratively, and constructing leather rollers. Gunn has considerable experience as a collaborative printer and educator, and is extremely knowledgeable in traditional and modern lithography, intaglio, woodcut, and digital printing techniques. He has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses at Santa Fe Community College, Concordia University in Montreal, Brigham Young University Idaho, and Indiana University in Bloomington. He has also printed at Normal Editions Workshop, Stinger Editions, and for Indiana University’s visiting artist program. Gunn is responsible for the internationally recognized Professional Printer Training Program and the intensive Summer Workshop. He also regularly conducts external workshops and presentations, researches new materials and techniques, and consults with educational institutions, workshops and suppliers in the field. 

Opportunities for Artists 

As part of Tamarind’s educational mission to preserve and advance the art of lithography, our program strives to include a diversity of artists, technical challenges, and aesthetic ideas. There are three primary opportunities to collaborate in the workshop: 

Tamarind publishing

The editions published by Tamarind bear the chop of the workshop and the collaborating printer, alongside the signature of the artist. The work created during these residencies help to sustain the entire operation of the non-profit workshop, and may be purchased from the  gallery at Tamarind, from international art fairs where Tamarind is represented, or online. Browse available inventory under Artists and New Releases. Tamarind invites approximately 6-8 artists every year to collaborate with our team of printers led by Tamarind Master Printer Valpuri Remling. This program is by invitation only. 

Contract printing and monotyping

Tamarind welcomes proposals for contract printing, in which the artist assumes all printing costs. Many artists are able to obtain support for printing fees through research grants, community foundations, or through the galleries that represent them. Costs are determined by the number of colors, paper size, and the number of impressions. Estimates can be prepared in advance. For example, the cost to produce an edition of 20, four-color lithographs, measuring 22 x 30 inches, would be approximately $6400 or $320 per impression.  

Tamarind also offers monotype printing on our offset proof press. The printing fee is $450 day, which includes the services of a printer for seven hours and all materials except paper (which we make available to artists at our cost). Two artists may share the services of a printer for a full day of monotyping for a printing fee of $300 each.  

A fully equipped studio apartment, located on the upper floor of the Tamarind building, may be available to artists while they are working at Tamarind for a charge of $75 per night. 

Start the conversation right away if you are interested in contract printing

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Call for Entries from NM Artists: Tipping Points at Tamarind Institute

Inspired by the momentum of the City initiative Tipping Points for Creatives, this project at Tamarind will engage artists who are ready to expand their practice to include collaborative printmaking. For many artists, the opportunity to collaborate with Tamarind’s highly skilled printers yields new thinking about their creative practice and builds new international audiences for their work, essentially tipping local professional artists into the next phase of their career and into new markets.

2020 Call For Artist Proposals

  Tamarind Institute invites applications from artists working in all media to propose a project with its skilled student printers. During the spring semester, four artists will be selected to participate in two-week residencies in the workshop, each working with...

Collaborations with student printers

Tamarind invites applications for artist collaborations with student printers. During the spring semester, selected artists participate in a two-week residency in the workshop. No prior experience in lithography is necessary. The selected artists explore lithography and collaborative printmaking, with daily proofing and consultation with a team of printers. Artists will complete two editions (10-15 impressions) using standard lithographic drawing materials and processes.  

 At the completion of the two-week residency the artist signs off on a trial proof, and the edition is printed after the artist leaves. The editions will be completed by the end of May, at which time the prints and proofs are shipped to the artist for signing. With the exception of one record impression for the Tamarind archive and one printer’s proof retained by the printer, all prints are the property of the artist. 

The workshop fee is a flat $1500. Shipping costs outside of New Mexico will be covered by the artist. 

Applications are due October 1 for the spring program. Please follow us on social media and check back to the Tamarind website for more details. 

Workshop & Gallery Tours

Tours are an opportunity to see the workshop and learn more about Tamarind's history, and are offered at various times throughout the year. Check Tamarind's News & Events for scheduled public tours. If you have a group, please use the form to inquire about a private tour.

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