Tom Miller

b. 1970; lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tom Miller works in sculpture, painting, and video. He comes to Tamarind with ideas of materiality and surface that stem from his sculptural work. An elegant minimalism pervades his work, constructed from ubiquitous building materials such as cement block, plywood, and beams. Amidst the richly worked surfaces there is a subtle sense of tension, as he incorporates elements of instability and ambiguity within his architectural forms. His recent work explores the inherent properties of fences and walls, calling up political associations of barriers, division, separation, and security. His formal architectural language is understated, as are the low-key grays and deep blacks he favors. During his residency at Tamarind (Spring 2017) he explored his sculptural ideas in lithography, relying on the broad possibilities of paper and surface for his constructions.