Monica Nador, Brazil

Public Lecture, April 17

Monica Nador is an accomplished and inventive artist who now lives and works in a favela on the periphery of São Paulo, Brazil. She is committed to bringing art to lower income communities, and typically uses stencils to make large scale works. Nador will be working with Tamarind students and students from Working Classroom to create screenprinted banners as well as lithographs. Monica will give a public lecture, co-sponsored by the Latin American and Iberian Institute, at 5:30 on Thursday, April 17, in the Tamarind Gallery.


Foodie: Call for Artists

The Albuquerque Arts Board, the Albuquerque Public Art Program, and Tamarind Institute are looking for artists to create lithographs that speak to the food themes of our region! Submissions are due by May 1 at 5pm.

Read the full prospectus:

Image caption: Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Christmas (1995). Two-color lithograph.

Enrique Martinez Celaya

Enrique Martínez Celaya, born in Cuba (1964) and trained as a physicist and an artist, works primarily in painting, sculpture and writing. His work deals with a range of topics that he describes in his online journal: “memory, suffering, longing for radiance, loneliness, the revelation of choices in the work of art, and the possibility of art to be relevant to life.” His work can be found in many important permanent collections around the world, and we are honored to have had him at Tamarind. Learn more about Martínez Celaya.

Infinite Histories


This selection of lithographs from the Tamarind archives, guest-curated by Claude Smith, captures the power of storytelling through art to convey shared experiences. Infinite Histories positions the artist as storyteller and documentarian of the otherwise inexplicable or peculiar, the imaginative and sometimes, even, the banal. 



Hayal Pozanti

Hayal Pozanti (b. 1983, Istanbul) was in the Tamarind workshop in January experiencing lithography for the first time. She says, "In lithography, one creates as one is printing and also manipulating the outcome through the process of printing. This is incomparable to pressing a button and waiting for the result to come out of a printer." Read about her time at Tamarind in New American Paintings.

New Lithographs and monotypes will be released soon! 

Cuba in 2014

APRIL 25 - MAY 3

Join this one-week tour of the art scene in Havana, organized by MARJORIE DEVON, Director of Tamarind Institute, and the University of New Mexico's Latin American and Iberian Institute (under the auspices of LAII's People-to-People license). Share insights and engage in personal conversations with the most influential Cuban artists and curators, and get a taste of the rich Cuban culture through their visual arts, music, dance, and architecture. The trip is fully subscribed, but you may call or email if you would like to be on the waiting list. 505.277.3901.


What Is Tamarind Institute?

A non-profit center credited with reviving fine art lithography in the United States

Tamarind Institute, a division of the College of Fine Arts at UNM, is a nonprofit center for fine art lithography that trains master printers and houses a professional collaborative studio for artists. Founded in 1960 in Los Angeles, Tamarind played a significant role in reviving the art of lithography in the United States and continues to provide professional training and creative opportunities to artists.


What Is Lithography?

Lithography was invented in 1798 by Aloys Senefelder.

Fine art lithography is a printing process in which artists use greasy drawing materials to make original images on stones and/or metal plates. At Tamarind, this original image created by the artist who works closely with a master printer, is hand-printed by the master-printer.



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What Is Lithography?

A lithograph is a print made by using a press to transfer an image that was created initially on stone or metal plate to paper. Lithographs differ from etchings, engravings, serigraphs, and woodcuts in materials and process... MORE

What Is Tamarind Institute?

Founded in 1960 in Los Angeles, Tamarind played a significant role in reviving the art of lithography in the United States and continues to provide professional training and creative opportunities to artists... MORE