Show your love of Tamarind by sporting these fantastic Tamarind logo products. If you are looking for a unique gift, how about a deck of cards with the Tamarind logo on the front and each card designed by an artist, or a set of postcards by New Mexican artists? Something every art afficionado should have! 

Apex of an Era Cards

Tamarind Beanie

Be the warmest kid on the block with this Tamarind Institute cap.
$5 for shipping

Apex of an Era Cards

Tamarind Cap

Be the coolest kid on the block with this Tamarind Institute cap.
$5 for shipping. 

Apex of an Era Cards

Apex of an Era Deck of Cards!

These playing cards contain guest book entries from artists who have done residencies at Tamarind over the past 55 years! More information here




$25/one size fits all
Be the envy of everyone in the workshop (or kitchen, for the non-printer)! Choose black, blue or red and indicate your preference on the order form.


  Tamarind tshirts

Long-sleeve and short-sleeve t-shirts

$15/short-sleeve; $25 long-sleeve
100% cotton Tamarind t-shirts. For any printer, collector, artist, or printer. T-shirts come in long and short sleeves, black with white Tamarind chop. Please indicate which sleeve length and size on the order form.



Baby Onsies *new*

100% white cotton Tamarind onsie. For the aspiring printer, collector, artist, or printer. Contact us about size availability. 

Tamarind Mug

Tamarind mug *new*

Drink your coffee or tea in style! White ceramic mug with the Tamarind chop. The Tamarind website address is shown on the back, so you'll never forget where to look for information on lithography, or check out the latest editions rolling off of Tamarind's presses.


 Stacked Deck Stacked Deck 
Stacked Deck Stacked Deck

Stacked Deck

A big seller at print fairs and events! THE STACKED DECK is a usable deck of cards, reproduced from original drawings made specifically for this project by forty-five different artists. Pictured: Ed Ruscha, Roy Deforest, Hung Liu, and Stephen Talasnik.