Videos from Tamarind

Tamarind is fortunate to have a steady stream of video interns from the UNM Film & Digital Arts program. The Student Impressions series has been produced over the years by interns. In addition, Tamarind collaborates with filmmaker Melinda Frame of  FRAME+WORK, LLC for documentary short films on the workshop, including Tamarind Printers Around The World.

Tamarind Techniques

This series of videos is a how-to on five techniques applied in lithography. Narrated by Tamarind's education director, Brandon Gunn.

Tamarind Printers Around the World

Four distinct workshop models used by Tamarind-trained Printers in four different countries. Created by Tamarind Director Emerita Marjorie Devon, with filmmaker Melinda Frame of  FRAME+WORK, LLC.

Student Impressions

Profiles on Tamarind students as they enter the Tamarind one-year program, explaining why they chose to study at Tamarind.

2018 Wonder Cabinet

Precision and Imagination, a weekend-long Wonder Cabinet, pitched squarely along the borderlands between Art & Science Sponsored by the Frederick Hammersley Foundation Hosted by Tamarind Institute. 

Frederick Hammersley Foundation Artist Talks

Matthew Shlian, R. Luke Dubois, and Danielle Orchard are the first artists awarded the Frederick Hammersley artist residency.

66 Mile Radius: Three New Mexico Artists at Tamarind Institute

Tamarind Institute presents a documentary highlighting a series of collaborations with three New Mexico artists, who all live and work within a 66-mile radius of the workshop. Each artist, Nina Elder, Tom Miller, and Judy Tuwaletstiwa, represent a unique response to New Mexico history, landscape, and culture. Created by filmmaker Melinda Frame of  FRAME+WORK, LLC.

Tamarind’s second-year students, Apprentice Printers, are required to complete a research project before receiving their TMP (Tamarind Master Printer) Certificate.

Behind Closed Drawers

Behind Closed Drawers is a new and ongoing series of up close and personal print viewings from Tamarind’s vast inventory and archive. Additional videos are on the way, so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. 

A series of artist talks and conversations with artists in residence at Tamarind Institute.

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