Tad Lauritzen Wright

b. 1972

Born in San Angelo, Texas; lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

My one-line drawings are time-based works where one continuous line forms various images. In this somewhat subversive approach, the intricacy of the line disproves the simplicity of the images that are depicted. Although this technique is similar to exercises from early art classes, I have taken the scale and ambition of the concept to a different level.  It would be difficult to pre-plan these works beyond subject matter; as I draw I must be conscious of the entire surface of the paper and of creating a visual rhythm as I weave the lines in and out of one another. 

While at Tamarind I experimented with creating new depth in the work by placing color behind my one line drawings and with overlapping drawings.  Incorporating faded imagery into the background offers viewers more complexity in the line the closer they get to a piece.  With Beautiful Neighborhood I was able to experiment with a new palette that popped trailers, buildings, cars, and houses off the flat page.  I feel these works are some of my favorite and most fully realized pieces. The time at Tamarind was concentrated and rewarding in ways that will continue to change my work.

--Tad Lauritzen Wright